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Farmers Market Community Sale Vendor



1. Gray Mockingbird Farmers Market Community Sale, under the direction of Gray Mockingbird, Inc, maintains the right to approve or deny Green Market vendors in its sole and absolute discretion. A staff selection committee will review and evaluate all complete applications submitted; product eligibility is not a guarantee of acceptance.

2. Weekly vendor space is $35.00 per day for a 10X10 space. Payment must be received by Thursday. Electric is $5.00 per week.

Make checks payable to Gray Mockingbird, inc. Farmers Market Community Sale, 2000 North D Street, Lake Worth, Florida 33460.



Farmer/Producer, Buy Sell Produce, Bakery/Confectionary, Cottage Food, Café/Restaurant, Dairy, Meat/Poultry/Pork, Seafood, Orchids/Plants/Flowers/Trees, Hot Sauce, Pickled Products, Jams/Jellies, Vinegar/Olive Oil, Marinara Sauce, Pasta, Soup, Guacamole/Salsa, Hummus, Spices, Dried Fruit, Dips/Mixes, Handmade Soap, Tea, Coffee, Dressings, Grains/Nuts, Honey, Kettle Corn, Animal Pet Treats, Fresh Juice, Gourmet/Processed Food.


Business/Community Vendors.

Yard Sale/Resale items are to be accepted on an individual basis.



1.) Each vendor is responsible for providing all necessary equipment, supplies and product to conduct business in their booth at the Green Market. You must provide your own tent with weights. All cooking requires a minimum 10lb ABC fire extinguisher in your tent, certified with a current service tag from a fire extinguisher company.

2.) All vendors must display professional signage identifying their business name. Signage must remain within the limits of the vendors’ selling space.


1.)                Each booth space measures approximately 10X10. The Green Market Manager reserves the right to assign, limit the quantity of or relocate vendor space. Sharing of booth space or sub-leasing is not permitted. Vendor’s products and set-up must not be placed beyond booth space boundaries. Sampling of vendor product must be done from inside your booth space.



1.)                The GreenMarket reserves the right to control the look and visual impact of the GreenMarket site. Vendors are responsible for creating a professional and visually attractive presentation. If it is determined by Management that a vendor’s display is detracting from our overall site presentation, a change or improvement will be required. 2.) All health regulation codes are to be adhered to for food storage, display, handling and serving, gloves, hats and hand washing supplies, food covered, and food products stored off the ground. See Food Code 2001, FS 500.



1.)                Set up begins at 7:30 AM and must be completed be 9:00 AM. Break down starts at 1:00 PM. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY BREAK DOWNS ALLOWED! Vendors will be responsible for all garbage removal from their space. No debris, boxes, flower trimmings or other material left behind, even by customers, shall be left at your booth. All tied garbage bags and flattened boxes shall be left in the garbage pick-up zone at the end of the day. Failure to comply with any of these clean-up rules will result in fines. Multiple fines will result in expulsion from the Green Market.


ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 1.) If you need power it must be listed on your application. Power is $5.00 per week and you must bring your own 50 to 75 ft. outdoor electrical cord. Note: Power outages on the event site are beyond our control.

VEHICLES 1.) There are a lot of vehicles that need to be moved in and out of the Park in a short period of time. Please arrive early and quickly unload your car, move your vehicle to the free parking lot, and return for booth set-up. Booths cannot be set-up while vendors unload their vehicles. This is time consuming and your vehicle may be blocking another vendor’s access to their space. All vehicles must be removed from the market area by 8:45 AM. The Market entrance and exit will be closed at 8:45 AM, any vendor arriving after this time must hand cart their stuff into the Market. After the Market closes, vendors should not bring vehicles back into the Park until their booth has been broken down and you are ready to load. 1:00 PM is when Management deems it safe to pull in and load.



1.) In the event of inclement weather, the Market Manager will make a decision as to open the Market or not, as well as to close the Market early, or not. If a severe storm is imminent, call the Green Market office at 561.246.0148 on Friday after 6:00 PM to find out as to whether the Market will open or not. There will be no refunds of prepaid season fees in the event of a weather related closing. The days we are inside, the Green Market will open.

2.) Vendors must notify the Market Manager if they are unable to attend the Market on Thursday prior to the Saturday Market. In addition, failure to notify the Market Manager of a late arrival could result in your space being assigned to another vendor.



1.)                No games of chance, no sale of alcohol, no nutritional supplements, no distribution of religious or political materials. Radios, CD’s or sound distractions are prohibited, no hawking or franchises.


ENFORCEMENT OF RULES 1.) The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing the Market Rules. Violations will be noted discussed with the vendor and resolution attempted. Continued violations will result in vendor expulsion from the market and forfeitures of all fees paid. The Management retains the right to collect any or all monies due. 2.) You may not add additional products without prior Market approval. Any vendor having a concern with the legitimacy of another vender’s product or conduct must file their concern or complaint in writing with the Market Manager. Concerns or complaints must be signed with the name of the initiating party clearly written below the signature and dated. Unsigned complaints will not be acknowledged. The Market Manager will make every attempt to address all concerns, and resolve all complaints, and reach an equitable solution for all parties involved.



1.) I have read and understand the terms and conditions described on this application/contract. I have also reviewed each of the Gray Mockingbird Green Market’s rules and regulations and agree to abide by said rules and regulations. Further, I understand that any violations of these rules could cause immediate revocation from the Green Market.

2.) I agree to sell only those products approved by the Market Vendor Selection Committee. 3.) I acknowledge full responsibility for all my activities and actions at the Market and for those employed or assisting me and I agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Gray Mockingbird, Inc, Lake Worth Scottish Rite the Gray Mockingbird Farmers Market Community Sale from any liability, cost damage or expense which may arise from my actions, employee’s or my agent’s involvement and operation in the Green Market or use of the vendor space.

4.) I understand that the Gray Mockingbird Farmers Market Community Sale does not carry, provide or offer insurance coverage for vendors.

 5.) I will always act professionally with customers, Green Market management/staff and fellow vendors.

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Farmers Market Community Sale Vendor