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Symphony of the Soil                                        Muvico

SYMPHONY OF THE SOILRated: NR    Runtime: 90 mins.
Q & A after the film with: Director/Producer - Deborah Koons Garcia, & Phd. in geosciences and M.S. in biology - Dr. John G. Zahina-Ramos. Symphony of the Soil explores the complexity and mystery of soil. Filmed on four continents and sharing the voices of some of the world's most highly esteemed soil scientists, farmers, and activists, the film portrays soil as a protagonist of our planetary story. It inspires the understanding that treating the soil right can help solve some of our most pressing environmental problems, from climate change, to dead zones, to feeding an ever increasing world population.

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Sunday, November 17th @3pm * the Muvico Parisian Movie Theater, City Place- West Palm Beach. Presented by
 Gray Mockingbird Community Garden  EcoArt South Florida Sponsored in part by Jeff Koons
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