Kids in the Garden


Who we are:

Most people know Gray Mockingbird as the Community Garden...we are...And we're so much more! In our naturally sustainable garden, we present a plethora of ways to grow food. You may choose the traditional way of growing in the soil, which when used, includes adding organically produced composts and mulch. We have container gardening, hydroponic, vertical hydroponic, aeroponic, apiary, fruit trees, permaculture and other examples of growing food. Besides growing food, we also distribute surplus food from other organizations.

Gray Mockingbird picks up food for organizations from the Palm Beach Food Bank, Panera Bread and from the other organizations to redistribute. The charitable organizations that benefit are The Way Cafe (@Calvary Methodist Church/ under the 501(c)3 of St Andrews Episcopal), Family Promise of South Palm Beach, Family Promise of North Central Palm Beach County, Maya Guatemalan Center, Farmworkers Council of the Palm Beaches, The Burrito Project, Phoenix House and the Goodwill Center for chronic Homelessness, Soup Kitchen on Wingfield in Lake Worth.

To raise some funds for the garden, we sell some produce that is grown at the community garden to Don Victoria's Market and Clary's Cafe. Before they closed, South Shore Tavern was a great support to our mission.

Another way to teach sustainability...We Recycle scrap metal! It's a great fundraiser and it's a great way for the community to support the garden without having to take cash out of their pockets.

Gray Mockingbird writes a weekly article on garden tips for the Lake Worth Herald and the Coastal Observer.

A couple of months back, in it's attempt to attract the children of the community, Gray Mockingbird sponsored the City of LakeWorth 4-H Club. We have set the group up at local festivals such as the Lake Worth Festival of Trees and the Local Foods Local Gardens. Money raised during the times that 4-H is involved is reinvested into materials and tools for our youth to learn. This 4-H group has been disolved. We are in search of parents wanting to create the "Gray Mockingbird 4-H club". We have the facilities and support for you.

We are staying with our mission which is: Teaching Sustainability and Resiliency by Example.

Our Kelly Green tee-shirts say it best: Growing Community Growing Food!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Gray Mockingbird and we look forward to supporting you.

Brian Kirsch, Executive Director
Gray Mockingbird, Inc

Brian Kirsch

Brian Kirsch, President and Executive Director