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Andrea Benjamin

Andrea Benjamin, Secretary & Garden Director

Andrea fell in love with growing things when her 5th grade science teacher, Mr. K at Delray Elementary created a class project to plant trees around the south building. In 1975, they were asked to collect kitchen scraps to bring in to dig deep holes and layer in compost, then plant tree's that are still growing in what is now "Old School Square". We don't think ANYONE was composting then. God Bless the Teachers in this world! Andrea was in the FFA, and as an adult, a 4-H leader. Her family and friends must think she's nuts about her "Growing things" obsession. She doesn't care. However, she is banned from planting tree's by her Father as they get TOO big. Well done Mr. K!

Humbly she says "I am in no way an expert". She doesn't believe you can be. Andrea loves to continuously learn from other avid growers and from research. She loves that you can actually grow food in small containers, raised beds, or ground rows. She takes what she has learned that works, and combine it. ALOT of organic, a bit of Perma-culture, and a bit of old fashioned farming and combine it. With the climate, and the bugs it is always a dance. But a dance she adores. Nothing tastes better than local grown, or back yard grown food! A bit of dirt, a seed, some water and care.

Our farmer girl loves the concept of a community garden. For her, it means capturing a space to green, grow food, grow flowers, create beauty, peace, community, and FOOD.