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Welcome to the new Gray Mockingbird Community Garden Vine! Our Premier Column!!!

In this column we will update you on what we are currently growing at the Community Garden, what issues we are running into and offer you some helpful tips to use in your own Gardens!

Our contributors are Brian Kirsch (Executive Director of Gray Mockingbird, Inc) and Andrea Benjamin (Garden Director, and life-long gardening nut)! And we will on occasion have guest writers to add more interest.


Have you been to the garden recently? What a difference! This is our 3rd growing season and things are alive! Our mission is to “teach sustainability and resiliency by example”. In the garden we are Growing Community by Growing Food!


Andrea’s Update on WHAT IS GROWING! 

Currently at the Garden we have a TON of Heirloom Tomato plants that we are growing that are starting to set fruit. I started these from seed months ago. We are growing Dagma’s Perfection, Costoluto Genovese, Japanese Trifele Black, Hungarian Pink, Sioux, Goldie, Grandma Mary’s Paste, Dagmas Perfection, Amish Paste, Cherokee Chocolate, Jersey Devil, Yellow Pear, and more in our main Farm Zone. We are also growing a native Everglades grape-like tomato elsewhere. Growing Heirlooms is a dance. You need to find ones that grow well in your area. They are not your typical tomato plant. They are In-Determinate. That means they grow, and grow, and grow. They are not a bush tomato like a determinate tomato and they are not as disease resistant. Bush or Determinate tomato’s put out a big flush of fruit and they are done. In-determinate tomato’s keep growing and producing.


We also have heirloom Eggplants, swiss chard, kale, sugar snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, bunching onions, scallions, various mustard greens, collards, sweet bell peppers, cayenne peppers, Orange Habanero peppers, Moruga Scorpions (one of the HOTTEST peppers on this earth), and Aji Lemon Drop peppers. I have also planted many types of squash. I am sure I have forgotten to mention many things,  but come see what is growing!


We are now alive and we want the Local Community to visit. We’ve been doing this by inviting folks to the All You Can Eat Breakfasts that are sponsored by the Gulfstream Lodge at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center (the garden’s home). While at the garden, folks get to see our Intensive/No-Till Farm Zone, Permaculture, Raised beds, Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Vertical, Container, Apiculture, Vermiculture and more!


Recently, we brought in Yolanda Vazquez to head up the City of Lake Worth 4-H group. This is a Great way for our young ones to start off learning about the important things in life.  Visit us on the 16th to see and hear all about the adventure. You can enroll online for 4-H:


Volunteers are always welcome.

We’ll see you on Sunday, January 18th at 8am-11am for the breakfast and a tour!


Support those who support us!

Eat at South Shore Restaurant and Clary’s. Buy produce at Don Victoria’s.


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